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Gambling with her life as a gambler must in a place where no one else has ever been. Featured Author Bren Redman is the author of The Redemption of Eden, a Postmodern Western/Southern gothic set in 1830's Texas. Born and raised in the Southwest, Bren spent many years in the high desert of Eastern Oregon, where the mountains inspired the characters of Eden. He now resides in Texas, with his wife and daughter, and devours tequila. Tuesday, September 30, 2008 A writer who can make the world of fiction come alive in the real world is quite talented. Robert Heinlein made it look easy as he created a science fiction world that existed right here on the planet Earth. His characters, even the villains, were believable because of his insight into human nature and the way we think. They acted like people, but at the same time, they were never too real to be able to take place in our world. If you want to be taken in the midst of a science fiction story, look for a writer who can capture your imagination and make it look as if it's real. The true question, however, is whether or not you want to take your characters into your own world and create a science fiction story that will be accepted in the real world. If that is the case, then you have to learn how to do so. The first thing to do when you want to get into the world of science fiction is to learn the rules. When you want to create a science fiction story, you must first become familiar with the genre. You must also understand the rules of the world, including the laws, history, geography, and society. Your character will be much more believable if he or she goes to school with the real human beings, if the rules of the world are the same as our own, or if your characters are viewed as if they are real. The next thing you need to do is get into the mind of your characters. Find out what makes them tick. What motivates them? What are their goals? What are their weaknesses? What are their strengths? You must know them if you want your characters to be believable. If you don't know them, then you will have to learn them before you can take them into your story. It may help to spend some time thinking about them, talking with others about them, and perhaps even talking to them. You may have to experience some things to learn what



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Slime Rancher V0 2 1

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